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- What are the chances of selling my timeshare? How can I increase chances of a sale?

The possibilities depend on the week that you have and the selling price. Be realistic about the selling price, this is normally 30% or 40% off the original purchase price.

Use current high quality photos of the resort and make sure the description is as honest as possible explaining all the features your resort has to offer.


- Why am I paying £120 for my advert?

Once you have registered we will help you create your advert using photos, video and descriptions of your timeshare using the latest technology. We will not ask you for any money upfront until you are happy with your advert. Once you are satisfied with your advert, you can make the payment.

Our experienced & friendly team will assist you with any questions and also provide advice on the best possible way to sell and rent your timeshare.


- How do I pay?


The easiest and the most secure way to pay for our services is through our online payment facility using your credit card or you can send a Bank Transfer. Please contact us for any further advice on payment options.

- How long will my advert remain on the website?

Your advertisment is posted indefinately unless you tell us otherwise. There is no expiration date.

- Can I post 2 or more ads?

If you have 2 or more timeshare weeks and you want to show them both, you can do this for just £68  ie: the first advert would be £120 and every other advert after that £68.

- How buyers contact me?

Once we have a buyer interested in your Timeshare, we will contact them to confirm that they are genuine and once they meet our criteria, documents of agreement will be issued to both seller and buyer.  Once they are signed, we will then pass on contact information of the buyer to the seller so the property can legally be transfered.


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